Good folks at Zagg just sent me two 25% coupons for me to use it for myself or share with friends. I just received my InvisibleShield for my Kindle Fire, so I’ve run out of gadgets to protect.

I’ve been using the InvisibleShield since my first iPhone 2G and the level of protection the InvisibleShield provides is second to none. Sure it has its share of problems such as yellow tinting and peeling after a while, but that’s where Zagg’s lifetime warranty kicks in.

I personally have the InvisibleShield on my iPhone 4S, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPad 2, Kindle Fire, and MacBook Air.

Anyway, Zagg has plenty of other gadgets such as keyboard, cases, earphones, batteries for your gadgets so spend away!

Coupon codes after the jump – and would appreciate if you could leave a comment for the coupons used :)

Coupons expire on 12/17/2011 and each coupon is good for 3 items.


Happy Shopping!