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Update: Official Google Blog just confirmed that Google Voice will indeed be free in 2012! Enjoy!

Google Voice is our best friend. Well for most of us at least. It offers great features such as web-based transcribed voicemail (my favorite) among many others, and FREE!

With 2012 just around the corner, people have been asking if Google Voice would be free again in 2012 and yes, it looks like it will remain FREE in 2012. Google’s official blog doesn’t seem to have any official word on this; however popups are showing up for new signups:

“Calls to the U.S. and Canada are free in 2012.”

Call phones from Gmail

How does this work?
You can now place calls to landline and mobile phones from within Gmail. Just dial any phone number and you’ll be connected. Learn more.

Calls to the U.S. and Canada are free in 2012. International calls are billed at our insanely low rates.

Emergency Calls

By clicking accept, you understand and agree that Google Voice is an enhanced call management application and that Google Voice is not capable of placing and receiving emergency service calls. Read the complete Terms of Service.

More confirmed reports on Google Forums as well.

So it does look pretty good that our good friend Google Voice will be sticking around us free of charge next year as well.

What do you use Google Voice for? Forwarding calls? Having multiple numbers, just because? Use it for selling things on Craigslist? International Calls? Voicemail?

Share you thoughts in comments!