Amazon Kindle Fire Christmas

Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Despite what many people say, I have to say that I kinda like it. Sure the touch screen doesn’t feel natural like the iPad and I still wonder why the Power Button is at the bottom of the device. Bottom line, I think you’ll be disappointed (in its current state, at least) if you expect an iPad from a Kindle Fire.

That said, if  you leave those thoughts aside and embrace the Kindle Fire with an open mind, I think you might very well like it. I own an iPad2, iPhone 4S, and a MacBook Air and I like how the Kindle Fire kinda fits between my iPad and the iPhone. The 7″ screen is handy when you…well, want to carry around a 7″ screen really. It does everything I need it to do in the end and it’s simple and does it well.

One thing is, I have it rooted.

Unfortunately I think the disappointment factor comes in a bit heavier when the device isn’t rooted. There’s just seem to be a lot of limitations with the Amazon App Store and the overall experience that I don’t blame others for thinking this $199 ‘tablet’ isn’t worth that much. If you root it, however, it gets so much better. You get the Android Marketplace and get to play around the Fire…well like a semi-proper Android tablet.

To address the software portion of the issues, Amazon rolled out a set of updates last month and it looks like it’s due for another update to address them.

“In less than two weeks, we’re rolling out an over-the-air update to Kindle Fire,” said Drew Herdener, a company spokesman.

There will be improvements in performance and multitouch navigation, and customers will have the option of editing the list of items that show what they have recently been doing. No more will wives wonder why their husbands were looking at a dating site when they said they were playing Angry Birds.

Any updates are welcome really with these relatively new devices. Sure they should’ve sorted these things out prior to their release but at least it’s nice to see that Amazon’s trying to fix these issues by pushing updates every so often.

These updates, however, pose as…well, minor inconveniences for us jailbreakers. These Amazon over-the-air updates are pushed automatically so unlike iOS, users are unable to ‘choose’ when to update the device. The update will most likely unroot the Kindle and hopefully it doesn’t kill the ability of rooting the Kindle Fire completely, since I still feel that unlike Amazon’s intentions, jailbreaking elevates the Kindle Fire experience to another level in my opinion.

Do you have a Kindle Fire yet? Share your thoughts in comments :)

via NYTimes