LockerGnome posted a new video about the never-ending debate of Kindle Fire vs iPad.

There’s so many differences between the two gadgets that it really is difficult to compare the two, if not impossible!

Sure there will be people who would argue otherwise, but as an owner of both the Kindle Fire and the iPad, I couldn’t agree with Chris more – you can’t (easily, at the very least) compare the two.

Perhaps if/when Apple brings out the 7″ iPad or Amazon brings out a 9.7″ Kindle Fire we could perhaps make comparison reviews then. Both devices, I’d argue, are superb devices. Granted that you’d want to root (jailbreak/hack) the Kindle Fire to install other Android apps, same goes for the iPad as well.

I use my iPad for…well when I want to use a full-sized tablet and Kindle Fire for when I’m on the run and would like to grab something smaller and simple to-go. For me, it’s like choosing between an ice-cream and a cake. Both taste delicious and I can’t tell you which one’s better.

If you ‘really’ want to know which one wins over another I’d suggest that you buy each from Amazon or Best Buy. Amazon’s return policy states a 30-day return period with 100% refund if it’s unopened and 85% refund if opened. Best Buy’s return policy states a 14-day return period with 100% refund. Amazon doesn’t charge sales tax for (many) States as far as I know and Best Buy charges tax everywhere. There’s also a possibility that you fall in love with both devices, like myself, and won’t be needing a return policy after all.

Other people’s inputs are valuable when making these decisions, but at the end of the day, only you can decide which one you’d be happiest with.


via LockerGnome