Meraki WiFi Stumbler

With the increasing number of electronic appliances and WiFi routers available, if you haven’t configured your WiFi channel on your router since picking it up from Best Buy, chances are you aren’t getting the best speed available. Also, chances are your router is preconfigured to Channel 6, just like the router that your neighbor bought the other day.

Interference is bad. Really bad, especially if you live in an apartment complex. I check my channels every now and then – possibly once every few weeks, just to make sure my channel is more free than other channels.

I really should install a real app for this such as inSSIDer or iStumbler but I just like to pull the information from Meraki WiFi Stumbler. It’s Java-based and works off of any web browser, Windows and Mac. It’s simple and does the job for me. Once you access the site, it automatically draws a graph showing you how many access points are on each channel. You could simply choose one of the more free channels and let your mind at ease for the next few weeks/months.

Chances are, you’d have at least a couple less-populated channels that you could choose from. Take note of the channels and run tests on both channels. Usually the difference isn’t huge, but I’ve had instances where although both channels looked interference-free, one had a severe lag versus another.

Do you have a favorite WiFi Stumbler? Let us know in comments!