Apple Rotor

Photo credit: Apple

Apple’s iOS VoiceOver function is a powerful tool. While it was built and designed to ease the Apple experience for those with impaired vision, it can be used to allow your iPhone to read to you while you’re cooking, for example.

If you’re bilingual (or trilingual, or you simply know a lot of languages), you’d find a good number of emails written on different languages. VoiceOver’s Language Rotor is set on English as a default and you’re able to add more languages as you need them. To do this, simply navigate to the Language Rotor option and choose the languages that you need. You could also reorganize the order of the languages. My first language is English and second language is Korean, for example.

Language Rotor

Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> VoiceOver -> Language Rotor

So how do you get VoiceOver set up? Well check this previous post to learn how to get VoiceOver set up on your iPhone.