Samsung Toshiba SSD MacBook Air

Earlier this year, Macrumors reported that the Late-2011 MacBook Airs are shipping with 2 different models of solid-state drives (SSD) – the faster Samsung SSD and the slower Toshiba SSD.

I luckily got the Samsung SSD but it seems like Apple may still be installing Toshiba SSDs, so here’s a simply way to check to make sure that you have the fastest solid-state drive for your MacBook Air.

Simply go to

 Apple Menu > About This Mac > More Info > System Report > Serial-ATA

System Profiler SSD

Here on the top of the screen and under Intel 6 Series Chipset, you want to see APPLE SSD SM____. I have the 256GB SSD so you’re seeing SM256C. If you have the 128GB version, you’d expect to see a model number like SM128C.

If you were curious, Toshiba SSDs start with TS, so if your SSD starts with an SM, be excited!

The difference isn’t ‘huge’ per se, but it’s enough to make you cringe when your friend’s Samsung SSD MacBook Air feels faster than your Toshiba SSD MacBook Air.

via Macrumors