Emoticons iPhone

Emoticons. Those pretty little pictures that you see every now and then on someone else’s Twitter mentions…and you never knew where those came from. You sometimes see them on the App Store but they’re all paid apps so you hesitated picking one up.

Well, here are directions to get these pretty icons on your iPhone / iPad / iPod! Completely free!

Emoji International Keyboard



   1. Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards






Emoji Add new Keyboard




   2. Add New Keyboard…






Emoji Keyboard




   3. Select “Emoji”   >  DONE!






Emoji on iPhone



   4. Test it out. Open Notes and select the Globe icon on the Keyboard. Look! Emoticons!





These Emoticons are able to be used across any apps on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod, and can be viewed between iOS users. They, however, CANNOT be seen by Android (or other phones) phones. If you send these emoticons to an Android user through WhatsApp, for example, they will only see blank boxes instead of the icons.