iPhone Home Button Stuck Flick

Stuck iPhone Home Buttons. Oh joy. If you ever owned an iPhone, iPad or an iPod, you probably experienced situations when your home button would get stuck and…well at times, your iPhone would go ‘all crazy’.

Many people suggest replacing the Home Button completely but obviously it requires a lot of work, time, and money to do this. Sure, there is a possibility that your home button situation may require that you replace it after all, but chances are it might just be some specs of dust that settled between your home button sensors.

If your iPhone’s home button’s stuck, I suggest that you try this: flick your finger on the iPhone several times and it will hopefully remove the dust specs off from the sensors. My iPhone’s button gets stuck from time to time and I use this method – works each time.

There you have it, my secret recipe for making the home button to work again.


If you really need a visual demonstration of how the flicking should work, although I don’t have one for the iPhone it’s a similar concept – substitute the forehead to your iPhone home button.