Amazon Kindle Fire

Image Source: Anandtech

Amazon pushed the 6.2.1 firmware to the Kindle Fire yesterday, breaking root and SuperOneClick utility in the process. Some notable improvements with this firmware are:

  • Snappier UI in general
  • Ability to edit the carousel
  • Snappier carousel

Dana from Stimulated Boredom posted a list of changes and it’s definitely worth a look. Here’s an excerpt of the changes:

Details & Changes:

  • * You can now long-press on items in your carousel to remove them from the carousel or device, in addition to adding to favorites.
  • * There is now a new “enable restrictions” option in the device settings, allowing you to add parental control.
  • * Seeing some extra UI snappiness.
  • * Better carousel control & speed.
  • * Still some delay when switching between horizontal and landscape orientation (disappointing).
  • * Less delay when re-connecting to Wifi after the device has been asleep and turned back on.
  • * No noticeable change to web browsing speed.
  • * More detailed memory management information.
  • * Some users are reporting increased volume and a fuller sound from the internal speakers.
  • * For my hacker friends, 6.2.1 does break root…sorry :(

It also appears from the update that Amazon has allocated / separated memory (from the available *6.5 GB) specifically for apps, and additional space intended for content such as downloaded books, videos, docs and music.

Though the update breaks root, the Android Market Place is still alive and well on my Kindle Fire.

via Stimulated Boredom