Amazon Kindle Fire

Image Source: Talk Android

Planning to give an Amazon Kindle Fire for Christmas? I picked one up for myself for…Thanksgiving (!!!, thanks to Black Friday) and  I’ve been enjoying it so far. Okay, well this is besides the point actually.

Amazon, in their attempt to make your Kindle Fire experience as seamless as possible, made it so your Kindle Fire would come pre-loaded with your account information – yes, including the ability to purchase anything from Amazon using the Kindle Fire.

This would be just fine if you purchased the Kindle Fire for yourself, but imagine if you bought one as a gift and heaven forbid, if a thief snatches your Kindle box from your door step…

Situations like the above, unfortunately, are not hypothetical scenarios. There are a number of reports on the Amazon forums and elsewhere about charges made to their credit cards for purchases made by the ‘gift-ee’.

The Next Web reported about a reviewer who posted her situation on Amazon:

One reviewer even had purchases made on her account by a thief who had stolen the item right out of the box and left the packaging behind.

The next morning, I casually checked my email, and was stunned to find 21 separate emails from Amazon thanking me for my order. (Plus one from my bank, warning me of unusual activity on my card.) Amazon was thanking me for ordering almost $300 worth of mp3s from my brand new kindle fire!!!

Unlike Apple’s App Store, Amazon doesn’t require you to enter your password for making purchases, thanks to their 1-Click purchase option. This unfortunately opens doors for many unauthorized purchases and a lot of trouble for many.


So how does “Marking as a Gift” help me avoid these chances of fraud?

Well for one, Amazon won’t pre-load your information on your Kindle Fire, so you wouldn’t have to worry about disputing charges with Amazon, credit card, and/or bank in case something goes wrong. You could always input your account information when you receive your Kindle Fire and if you decide to give it away as a gift, you wouldn’t have to worry about deactivating your account on Kindle Fire, etc.

So, I’d suggest, as a rule of thumb, just mark your Kindle Fire as a Gift when you order from Amazon this Holiday season.


I have a Kindle Fire to give as a gift, but I ordered from Amazon without marking it as such. Is there any way to de-register it?

Yes, you absolutely can de-register your account from the Kindle! There are two ways to go about it: using a computer and on the Kindle Fire itself.

Using your computer to de-register 

  1. Go to Manage Your Kindle webpage.
  2. Select ‘Manage Your Devices’
  3. Find the Kindle Fire you want to de-register and select Deregister link.
Using the Kindle Fire
  1. Make sure the Kindle Fire is connected to the internet using Wi-Fi, then select the ‘Quick Settings’ icon (top right, next to the Wi-Fi icon)
  2. Select ‘More’
  3. Select ‘My Account’
  4. Tap on ‘Deregister’

So there you have it. Kindle Fire is no doubt a great present to give for the Holidays. Like I mentioned in the previous post, Kindle Fire and iPad2 aren’t really competitors as they have different focuses in their core design. iPad2 does offer a lot of flexibilities but it doesn’t mean that Kindle Fire does a great job for what it was designed for – as a media tablet. Plus, you can’t ignore the pretty significant price difference between the two.

Do you own an Kindle Fire? How are you liking it so far? :)