iPhone Headphone Only

Is your iPhone, iPad, or iPod stuck in “headphones” mode? While this issue doesn’t seem all that common, it surely does happen and here’s a fix that you could try out.

Toggle Bluetooth ON and OFF
(Settings > General > Bluetooth)

Unless your malfunction is hardware based, chances are this will kick you out of the headphones mode. There is a range of problems that could be the cause of this problem and if it persists, we’d recommend that you schedule an appointment with your nearest Apple Genius.

There are, a few other things that people have tried that worked. You could give it a try.

I’ve had this problem a few times. I’ve been able to fix it previously with the plugging/unplugging method but last time it didn’t help at all. I was able to fix it by using the hose attachment for my Hoover, putting my hand over the end so that only a small gap remained and giving my headphone socket a thorough hoovering for about 10 seconds. Fixed the problem immediately. This suggests to me an excessive lint build up. Hope this may help somebody fix this highly frustrating problem.

Okay I’ve tried sucking the jack out and it works.. You need the suck it out hard if can try vacuuming the jack out with a very strong vacuum level.. If not then only way is to suck it out hard..

Had the same problem, nothing else worked. The pulling the headphones out 20 times, the cold freezing, sucking, cutip…nothing. Then I shot my GF’s hairdryer on cold into it for a good minute. Somehow that worked. I don’t know how or can explain what the **** happened. But my ringer is back.

Same problem..may be phone got overheated as i left in car for a long time period. Tried blowing and cleaning the headphone jack..nothing happended. I put the iphone in ziplock and placed in the freezer for about 30 minutes. It worked like a charm !! I can hear now via phone:-)

Best of luck. Hopefully by now your iPhone is working properly.

Which method worked for you? Let us know in comments.