EA GameLoft 2011 Sale

Image Source: 9 to 5 Mac

GameLoft and EA announced their Holiday sale yesterday, putting up a huge collection of games at just $0.99! From Monopoly to Battlefield: Bad Company, there are just way too many games to list really.

Just type “Electronic Arts” and/or “Gameloft” in your iTunes Store search to check out all the games at discounted prices.

EA and GameLoft makes just about the best and most popular games around and at $0.99, it really is a steal. We’re not sure when the deal will expire but we’re expecting the discount to stay at least until Christmas and most likely until December 31st. Many of these games usually go for $4-6, so you should considering picking up at least a few. (I always end up picking up the games for full price after these sales…so if you’re anything like me and regret afterwards…you should take a good look at the iTunes Store today!)

Happy Holidays everyone!! The Holiday Spirit sure seems to be kicking in with these great deals!


via 9 to 5 Mac