Music App Icon iOS 5

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Apple’s i-Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) have really become an essential part of digital living these days, and one of its features that’s appreciated the most is the ability to use your iPhone as an MP3 player.

Granted that a good number of people had their share of disappointments with this new modified iPod app with iOS5, I never really had any issues with it…

Anyway coming back to our topic on hand – How do you organize your playlist on the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch?


Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

I. Add a New Playlist

II. Add and/or Delete Songs from Playlist

III. Delete Playlist


I. Add a New Playlist

Add Playlist iPhone


1. Open Music app > Add Playlist…


New Playlist iPhone

2. Enter the “Title” of your Playlist
Add Songs to Playlist iPhone
3. Add songs to “(Playlist)” by tapping on the “+” sign next to the song.


II. Add and/or Delete Songs from Playlist

Edit Playlist iPhone




1. Tap on “Edit”




Add song to existing playlist iPhone



2. Tap on “+” icon to add songs, and swipe right on the song to “Delete”

3. Tap on “Done” to complete editing






III. Delete Playlist

Delete Playlist iPhone




1. Swipe Right on the Playlist you wish to delete. Tap “Delete”