SquareTrade 35 Coupon Holiday 2011

[Update: 12/27/11] The Coupons have Expired. Check back for more deals! :)


I love SquareTrade Warranties. They offer great, long coverage for your latest electronic gadgets at, I’d argue, at a bargain! I personally have a good collection of my gadgets covered with SquareTrade. They have a fast turn-around claim period and for some items that normally would cost more to repair than to get it replaced, SquareTrade simply sends you a check for the retail price for you to grab a brand new one!

SquareTrade is also available 24/7 by phone or email, so whenever you have any questions, you could call them up anytime, and these representatives actually do ‘care’, which is pretty great considering the quality of customer service these days. I actually called them at 3-4am once about getting a warranty (yeah, I guess I’m weird like that) and I was off the phone in about 5 minutes with my questions answered.

You can sign up for coverage with SquareTrade for pretty much any electronics (yes, general appliances like refrigerators too!) within 90 days for retail purchases and 30 days for eBay purchases.

This weekend, SquareTrade is giving out a limited number of 35% discount coupons for (VIP?) SquareTrade members. I’m giving all mine away because I grabbed all the gadgets for this year and applied SquareTrade Warranties on all of them already (yes, I’m not kidding!).


If you claim a code, please let us know in comments!


Here you go!:

SquareTrade Holiday Coupons 1,2,3


For those folks that missed these 3, visit Slickdeals.net Forums for more of these coupons. Mind you, ‘Slickdealers’ snatch up the coupon codes pretty much instantly, so you’re going to have to keep your eyes peeled. Good luck!