I’ve been running into a dilemma recently – I would sometimes want to insert a few emoticons into my Tweets from my MacBook Air and for those instances, I’d either tweet without or tweet from my iPhone. Emoticons aren’t ‘essential’ but it’s nice to have around for those times when you don’t want to resort to a simple ” :-) “.

If you want to check out how to use Emoticons on an iPhone, iPad, and/or iPod Touch, read this post!

I assumed that I couldn’t use the Emoji keyboard from my Mac…and boy was I wrong!

If you’re on the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Emoji keyboards come built-in and it doesn’t even require an installation!

There are 2 ways to open up the Emoji keyboard on a Mac:

  • Edit > Special Characters
  • Press Command (Command Modifier icon) + option + T together



If you use any of the above steps, you’ll get this:


From this window, you could select the emoticon and either double-click on it or drag the emoticon to wherever you want it to appear.

Many apps are compatible with these emoticons; however certain apps currently do not support it, so don’t be confused if they don’t show up after a few tries. I tried putting these Emoticons onto Pages ’09 and it only showed a blank placeholder. You’d think that Apple’s iWork would be compatible, right? Well no it doesn’t.


Enjoy your Emoji Emoticons!