Boxcar Twitter Options


If you use Twitter on your iPhone (iPad, or iPod Touch), chances are you already have Push Notifications set up for your Mentions, Retweets, Replies, etc. Unfortunately(?) none of the Twitter apps, as far as I know, doesn’t allow you to set up Push Notifications for specific users. Say for example, if you’re following…(oh boy, I need to choose one don’t I)…@selenagomez and want to be notified whenever she Tweets something…well, you’d be stumped.

Well wonder no more, Digital Cupcake is here to help!


@Boxcar is your friend!

Boxcar does some amazing work with Push Notifications and one of their awesome features is “Twitter Follow”. You could set Boxcar up to push Tweets of specific people to your iPhone, and you don’t even have to follow them! The only thing is, Boxcar will fetch their Public Timeline, so if the person protected their tweets, you won’t be able to get those tweets pushed. But hey, you’re still getting Public Tweets pushed, right? 😀


Let’s Get Started:

1. Get Boxcar from the App Store

Boxcar - appremix

2. Sign up with Boxcar

3. “Add a Service”

4. “Twitter Follow”

Boxcar Add Service

5. Name: (any name)

People to Follow: (username without @ and commas to separate multiple)

Boxcar Twitter Follow

6. Enjoy!


There’s also another way to do this, directly from Boxcar’s website:

1. Log-in

2. Click “Add People”


There you have it! Now enjoy having your favorite people’s tweets pushed directly to your device, thanks to Boxcar!