Did you buy a TV for the Holidays? If you’re looking to purchase a warranty for your TV, you may be able to take advantage of this great deal that the folks at Slickdeals found!

SquareTrade is a great choice when it comes to warranties. I personally have 6 warranties signed up with them and while none of my gadgets have broken yet (knock on wood), I’ve been reading about some great experiences with them. One of the great things about SquareTrade Warranty is that they offer just about the longest coverage compared to other offers and at great prices. I’d even go as far to say that they’re cheap considering what they’re offering to cover.

To get a SquareTrade Warranty you would usually log onto http://www.squaretrade.com (and have another window open looking for coupons that you could use while check-out) to sign up for a warranty. The folks at Slickdeals found that Costco is offering great SquareTrade warranties for new TVs from Costco.com and Costco Stores at much better prices than what you’d get from Squaretrade.com.

Costco is offering these prices for the SquareTrade Warranties sold at their stores:

TV’s under $500: $29.99
TV’s $500 – $1,000: $59.99
TV’s over $1,000: $99.99

You do not have to purchase from Costco to purchase this warranty! (Read Costco’s description page at the end of the post)

SquareTrade.com warranties usually run alongside your Manufacturer’s warranty; however buying from Costco will allow the SquareTrade warranty to begin after your Manufacturer’s warranty expires. In other words, if your TV has 1 year Manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll add 3 years SquareTrade warranty, making it a total 4 years of warranty that your TV will be covered for.

If you buy your TV from Costco, you get 1 year from Costco free AND your SquareTrade warranty DOESN’T begin until AFTER that coverage ends. Thus, your TV will have 1 yr manufacturer’s warranty (typically) + 1 year Costco extended warranty + 3 years SquareTrade warranty = 5 years warranty.



I did a quick comparison with the price between SquareTrade and Costco and here’s what I found:

Quoted SquareTrade Costco
$499 $59.99 $29.99
$999 $109.99 $59.99
$1499 $129.99 $99.99


Also add to the fact that purchasing SquareTrade Warranty from Costco will allow you to have an extra year (manufacturer’s warranty period) of warranty for cheaper price…it just seems like a no-brainer to drop by your local Costco, or log onto Costco.com to purchase a Warranty for your new TV!

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Here’s the quote regarding Costco’s policy on the respective warranties (found below the SquareTrade chart on Costco’s warranty page):

Costco’s SquareTrade pricing is exclusive to Costco Members. You must purchase a SquareTrade Service Plan from a Costco Warehouse or from www.costco.comCostco members may also purchase a SquareTrade Service plan to cover a new TV purchased outside of Costco from an authorized retailer in the US. Service Plan must be bought within 60 days of purchasing the TV.
*Excludes limited life consumables such as batteries and lamps.