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It’s finally 2012! Woohoo!


2011 was a wonderful year for us at Digital Cupcake…wonderful indeed. It’s only been a month since Digital Cupcake launched and I’m already beginning to wonder if Digital Cupcake should host a 1-year anniversary party just because it’s 2012. :)

Despite Digital Cupcake being so young, we appreciate all your support and interest for the site! We forward our utmost “THANKS” to each and every one of you. Your support (and some caffeine on my part) is what fuels this blog to run! With just around 3 weeks that Digital Cupcake launched, more than 5000 guests have visited our ‘bakery’ to taste our sweet cupcakes! Thank you very much. If we could forward an ‘IRL’ cupcake to each and every one of you, we would…you all are VERY special to us!

December 2011 has been an important milestone as well as a great learning experience for us at Digital Cupcake and we’re planning on some very exciting stuff coming your way from Digital Cupcake in 2012, so stay tuned!

Digital Cupcake has been very active on Twitter (@dgtalcupcake), sharing some valuable insights with our precious followers, as well as answering questions for many of our readers about the iPhone, iOS, among many other things. We at Digital Cupcake think of you as our ‘team mates’ and not merely our readers. If you have things that you wish to read more on, please let us know (digitalcupcakeblog@gmail.com)! If you have any questions, please Tweet us at @dgtalcupcake or on Facebook! Or better, if you just want to throw us a #highfive on Twitter or Facebook, we could always use more #spirit and #support!

We at Digital Cupcake, once again, truly appreciate all your support and interest in 2011. In 2012, we promise to bring you even sweeter and toastier content and loads of them!

Digital Cupcake wishes you a fantastic New Year filled with joy and laughter, and on top of all…great gadgets to go along with them!!



Digital Cupcake

January 1, 2012