Porsche Cadillac TV Entertainment System

Car and furniture, at first, doesn’t seem like a likely combination but indeed they do exist, and with style. Car enthusiasts like myself have drooled over the BBC’s Top Gear stage where the hosts sit in a couch made out of car seats and a table out of a V8 engine, all from a Porsche 922…oh the joy. (After the BBC Top Gear £1500 Porsche Challenge, Jeremy Clarkson decided to make his car into the respective furnitures.)TopGear Stage 

Anyway, another set of brilliant car-furniture combinations just surfaced on YouTube that you should absolutely check it out. Unfortunately there aren’t any websites or pricing for the set, so I’m thinking that it’s a custom one-off job. Nonetheless it’s cool and worth the look.

First up is a 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville installed with a 51″ Sony NX800 HDTV. It uses 100% authentic parts and looks pretty awesome. You need to check out the video to fully appreciate its beauty. Job well done!

Next up is, probably the same 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville, this time with its rear end converted into a couch. The couch is combined with a Porsche TV set, and did you notice the fire hydrant lamp stand?

Finally a 2005 Porsche 996. Apparently you could choose the color of the Porsche and the parts used are 100% authentic, down to the rims, tires and brake calipers. The setup could include a TV up to 42″.

All 3 setups look nice but if given a choice, I might prefer the one with the couch, hydrant lamp stand and the Porsche set up – looks retro and cool. Could this be a project for one of you in 2012? Which set up do you prefer? Let us know in comments!

Thanks Kevin for the tip!