There has been constant rumors over the past few weeks regarding speculations about the upcoming release of the Apple iPad 3. Among these rumors is that Apple may be releasing two versions of the next generation iPad – a high-end model and a mid-tier model. The high-end model is rumored to come with the latest A6 chip as well as a high-resolution “retina” display panel (2048×1536) and the mid-tier to feature similar specs as the current iPad 2.

Apple has maintained its price point relatively steady over the years and if the past is any indicator, marker watchers speculate that the high-end iPad 3 could be set at $499 with the current iPad 2 at $399. That leaves the entry-level iPad to potentially rival the non-Apple tablets at $299 levels, which could critically strike the non-Apple tablet market at the $199 – $399 range. If Apple does release an entry-level $299 iPad, of the many other tablets that could be affected is the Amazon Kindle Fire and the rumored Kindle Fire 2 that could launch as early as Spring 2012.

Speculations are speculations and we’ll know when we hear the official word from Apple. As always, we’ll keep you posted on the latest.

via Digitimes

Image Source: AlmostLikeEverything