ClockworkMod Tether App


The Verge showcased a brand new Android App, ClockworkMod Tether, released only recently (and another update to follow by 1/7/2012), that allows free tethering on Android phones that doesn’t require rooting and on top of that, reportedly is undetectable by carriers.

Folks over at The Verge tested the Alpha version of the app and it looks to do the job that it’s intended to do. Installation is simple and the tethering is done through a USB cable to your computer.

Here’s the link to Koushik Dutta’s Google+ post with links to the alpha version; however with updates coming in the next few days, it might be better to hold off on the install for a bit more.

Check out the ClockworkMod website for more information as well as The Verge.

via The Verge