Have you tried using Siri overseas? Did it work?

Several members on MacRumors forums have been frustrated with Siri’s support, or lack thereof, for a number of basic features during their travels overseas. Apparently Siri’s ability to access GPS information outside of U.S. is limited and therefore can run into problems when you ask her location-based information.

Some of the examples of the issues that Prom1 from MacRumors found were:

1. “Play playlist house” – Siri takes an average of 5-10 secs longer to understand the command.

2. “Siri, what time is it?” or “What time is it?” – Siri responds “Sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” or “I don’t know what time it is on ______ Street (completely different location)”.

There’s a workaround for this problem, apparently: Turn off Location Services for Siri. User joudbren suggests:

Turn off the location services for Siri and then it will give you the correct time. Siri offers no location based stuff outside of the U.S. presently so I found disabling Siri’s location services fixed a whole bunch of things with Siri.

Go to “Settings” then “Location Services” and scroll down to “Siri” and make sure it is toggled off. You’ll find Siri much easier to live with now outside of network issues once in a while which cause delays in responses or errors. You can turn the location services back on if and when Apple announces the availability of those services outside of the U.S. Cheers!

Most of the features seem to be working fine overseas but it looks like there are a few hiccups Siri needs to sort out. Until then, if you find yourself screaming at Siri while traveling, perhaps turning Location Services Off for Siri might help her sober up a little.


via Macrumors