Siri Airport Board

On my way to the airport to pick up my mother for the Holidays, I thought to myself “How awesome would it be if Siri could tell me the flight’s arrival information – and if she could tell me if it’s on-schedule or delayed?”. I just shrugged off the idea until I stopped for gas and remembered a recent blog post by Steven Sande titled “Siri / Wolfram Alpha trick lets you know what is flying overhead”.

Curiosity struck me and I started experimenting with Siri for the right commands to ask and it looks like I may have found it.

Ask Wolfram, What is the arrival information for (airport name) airport
Ask Wolfram, What is the departure information for (airport name) airport
(Example: Ask Wolfram, What is the arrival information for JFK airport?)
Wolfram Airport informationSiri-JFK-Airport

The two commands bring up the arrival/departure information under 3 categories: Arrived Flights, Flights en route, and Scheduled flights for the next 24 hours. As for the Arrived Flights and Flights en route, Siri seemed to pull from the flights closest to your current time – looked to be within 30 mins, and only select number of them too. Perhaps this was because I chose JFK Airport in New York, which is one of the busiest airports in the World.

If you’re lucky, you might have your flight enlisted in the short list of airlines; however don’t be disappointed if our flight’s not on the list! Digital Cupcake has your solution!

Ask Wolfram about (airline name) flight (flight number).
(Example: Ask Wolfram about American Airlines Flight 171)


Siri is a bit buggy with this command and it will take you a while for her to fetch the information for you. She might even respond back with a “Hmm. I didn’t get an answer for you. You might want to try that again”. Don’t give up. Try the same command again and she’ll hand you the information.


Did Siri ask you if you want to “Search the Web for (flight)”? Tap on “Search the Web” and Siri will pull the details for your flight. Siri used to pull the information up on Safari but now the information shows up directly on the Siri’s query window. Convenient!


So the next time you’re on your way to pick up your loved ones (or your boss…#nocomment) from the airport, check with your own personal assistant, Siri, for the latest flight information.


Bonus. You could also pull up the arrival/departure information from your favorite airport for Tomorrow!

Ask Wolfram, Show me flights to JFK Airport for tomorrow

Siri Wolfram Flights for Tomorrow

Good travels and enjoy!