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GigaOM is reporting that another set of problems have been plaguing iPhone users as of late – “Mute-Gate”. Apparently when the caller places and outgoing call to the recipient, all audio on the caller’s end becomes muted. The recipient of the call hears the caller fine, the caller jut can’t hear anything.

The problem is spread across the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, and apparently has been around since the iPhone 4S came out – the problem only reportedly occurs every so often, so the rather universal “Battery-Gate” took the spotlight, until now.

Apple reportedly hasn’t made any attempts to resolve this issue and a single thread on Apple Support Communities about the problem is 111 pages and counting. Although no attempts have allegedly been made on Apple’s part, Apple looks to be aware of the issue and have been replacing these defective iPhone units hassle-free at the Apple Store.

Darrell Etherington of GigaOM had the problem on his iPhone as well:

I’ve encountered it myself (although only once, though I seldom actually make outgoing calls on my iPhone, and most of those are made through a headset, which some have suggested is a workaround for the problem) and until I did a full restore, my girlfriend’s iPhone 4 eventually got so bad that there was never audio on any outgoing calls she made.

There aren’t any isolated solutions for this problem; however some users had some success with full restores. Most of the users are suggesting stopping by the Apple Store for a replacement phone, but apparently some of the replacements ALSO have these problems, so keep that in mind.

Are you also a victim of the “Mute-Gate”? How did you work around the problem?

via GigaOM

Image Source: iPhone How-To