Only a couple days since the rumor about the high-resolution “retina” display iPad 3 for early 2012 launch, Digitimes added another note that there will be an iPad 4 to be released for an October 2012 launch date; few months after the proposed March 2012 launch for the iPad 3.

According to Digitimes, the iPad 3 will include a full HD display along with a longer battery life; however other hardware upgrades supposedly will be minimal with major overhauls reserved for the iPad 4. The release of the iPad 3 along with the iPad 2 set at $399 will reportedly allow Apple to fend off the non-Apple tablets geared for launch earlier this year by Sony, Motorola Mobility and Samsung Electronics at price ranges of $359 and above.

Apple will ship the so-called “iPad 3” with a full HD display in March and then “iPad 4” – named so by its component suppliers – with killer applications in October, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

The iPad 3 will come with a QXGA (1,536×2,048 pixels) display and longer battery life although its other hardware specifications may not be so amazing as expected, said the sources. But Apple will take the advantage of the iPad 3 launch to slash the price of its iPad 2 to US$399, the sources claimed. […]

But a true battle for market share will arrive in the second half of the year when Apple ships its iPad 4 in October, about the time when Microsoft releases its Window 8 and Intel unveils its Clover Trail-W platform, the sources commented.

The 9.7-inch iPad 4 is expected to come with much upgraded hardware specifications and integrated applications so as to compete with an array of Android-, Wintel- or WoA (Windows on ARM)-based tablet PCs to be released in the fourth quarter, said the sources.

While Digitimes reports many breaking rumors and news about the release of Apple products, its reputation for reliable rumors isn’t the best in the market. However a rumor for an iPad 4 launch certainly brings attention to all of us waiting to see the iPad 3 in the coming few months.

iPad 2 wasn’t exactly a huge ‘jump’ from an iPad 1 and rumored to be an interim model itself to the iPad 3. Will this be a new trend of Apple – releasing ‘interim’ products and hyping up the anticipation for a ‘full upgrade’ model?

via Macrumors (via Digitimes)

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