Tamaggo 360 Panorama

[UPDATE 1/10/12: Tamaggo 360-Imager Officially Launched at CES 2012. Please check this followup post for more details!]

Taking panorama pics have been one of the to-do things for me whenever I visit somewhere. I often use Microsoft’s Photosynth or AutoStitch Panorama but it looks like there might be a simpler solution now.

tamaggo_360_imager_2The Tamaggo 360-imager by Tamaggo appears to be a dedicated 360-panorama camera with a built-in LCD, judging from the images. Technabob reports that some of the leaked details include a 14 megapixel resolution camera, auto focus, and the ability to automatically detect whether the user wants to shoot a 360-degrees, vertical, or horizontal panorama. It also appears to include both a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection as well as a USB.

Being that this is a dedicated panorama camera, the images are reportedly very sharp and much better than our current conventional means of taking panorama pictures. It doesn’t look like the Tamaggo 360-imager has video support but we’ll know more details come tomorrow when CES 2012 officially kicks off.


Tamaggo’s website currently only seem to be counting down to the big-release and nothing more, yet. We’ll post more when Tamaggo’s website comes live.

Tamaggo Logo


*Oh and for those of you wondering about the peculiar name – ‘tamago’ is ‘egg’ in Japanese, so I’m guessing Tamaggo is named as such for its ‘egg-shape’.

via Technabob

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