Facebook held a private media event on Wednesday to announce a new addition to its Timeline feature – the Open Graph.

Open Graph will launch with 60 new apps that allows you to share the tiniest details about your life – everything from what you cooked for dinner to how much you’ve given to a charity. There already are a number of apps that we share on Facebook – Music via Spotify, News via a number of news media sources, etc.

Once signed up, the apps will automatically share your every step onto your Timeline – Facebook calls this “frictionless sharing”.

The Open Graph will open a whole new variety of feeds from your family, friends and colleagues but…to me personally, while these are all interesting and fun, I’m not quite sure how I’d want to set my privacy settings. It is, after all, all my footsteps and daily life laid out online. In the end, I’ll probably eventually cave and embrace the features fully but for now, I’ll probably just see how everything turns up as I ‘stalk’ through my friends’ pages.

Here’s a list of the 60 apps that Facebook released on Wednesday:

• Gogobot
• Airbnb
• TripAdvisor
• Wipolo
• Where I’ve Been

• Foodspotting
• Cookpad
• Snooth (wine)
• Urbanspoon
• Yummly
• Foodily

Shopping / Fashion
• Pose
• Pinterest
• Polyvore
• Oodle
• Fab.com
• eBay
• Giftrocket
• Payvment
• Livingsocial

• MapMyRun
• Runkeeper

• Rotten Tomatoes
• Dailymotion (French video site)
• Cinemur (French video site)
• Metacafe (videos)
• Ford (game)
• Wooga (Bubble Island, Diamond Dash)
• OMGPOP (Draw My Thing)
• Zynga (Words with Friends, Castleville

• Causes
• Fundrazr
• Artez.com

• BranchOut (job search)
• Monster (job search)
• Color (photo and video sharing)
• Courserank (education)
• Grockit (education)
• Foursquare (location)
• Goodreads (books)
• Kobo (books)
• StubHub (ticketing)
• Ticketmaster (ticketing)
• Ticketfly (ticketing)
• ScoreBig (ticketing)
• Appsfire (app discovery)
• Artfinder (art)
• Autotrader (cars)

What do you think about the Open Graph? Would you be more inclined to sign up for more apps and check in, or would you try to strafe away from it?

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