Foursquare, a nifty tool to check into venues for freebies or simply to let your friends know where you’ve been and for status symbols such as mayorship.

Foursquare now has another tool in its arsenal – MENUS!

With the aid of SinglePlatform, a service that offers menus for about 250,000 restaurants in major U.S. cities, Foursquare now has the ability to show menus and services of the venues. Yelp currently has a similar service with regards to providing menus; however the service isn’t integrated and requires users to upload links to the restaurant’s menus. This partnership with SinglePlatform allows Foursquare to integrate the menus and services fully into Foursquare’s check-in-&-explore platform.

To get the menu, you could simply surf over to, find (or explore) the venue and click on “See the Menu” option on the right side-bar.

Foursquare menus

The menu option is currently available only on the desktop-browser Foursquare site, but you could expect the service to be added to your mobile app/site anytime in the coming days/weeks.

What do you use to search for restaurants? I usually use Zagat and occasionally Yelp, but it looks like I should try out Foursquare for more exploring, foodie-style.

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