Thumb be opinionaided

Ever texted or called one of your friends to ask for their quick opinions on something? Perhaps it was for your favorite outfit for a night out or which color iPhone you should buy. Or sometimes you simply decide not to ask because you don’t want to look like a fool to ask such a question.

Thumb app is one of the hottest apps right now that helps you ask away and give opinions – all done anonymously of course.

The app is very straight-forward. To give an opinion on something, you simply tap on ‘Vote’ and type away your opinion and/or vote Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, or Neutral. To ask, simply choose a category and provide a picture and/or ask a question in the form provided.

With the sheer number of people voting real-time across the globe, you should see opinions in a matter of minutes.

I admit that the Thumb experience can get a bit dull after awhile but it’s a great time killer to say the least. It’s also interesting to see what others think about a certain question/topic as well.

Thumb app is available for on iOS (Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android so if you have either/both of these devices, feel free to try it out! Oh, by the way, it’s FREE!

Thumb™ - Opinionaided, Inc.

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