DigSin ("Digital Single")

One of the questions that I often see on the #iPhone hashtag on Twitter is: “How can I get free music on my iPhone?”

“Free” music has been around since the early days of the Internet age – although illegal, it’s been around. With the introduction of iTunes and its $0.99-per-song model, and subscription-based streaming model such as Spotify, many would argue that the level of illegal distribution of music has decreased; however ‘free’ music has and will continue to be something that people search for.

DigSin (“Digital Single”) is the first record label to offer free music, legally.

DigSin’s Facebook page says:

DigSin is a record label that believes in the outrageously awesome talent of our artists and we want to share their music with you. We are committed to delivering the best new music to fans, for free. Sign up now and enjoy free music for the rest of your life starting early 2012.

Jay Frank, DigSin’s founder, spoke with The Next Web at Midem that “the music will still be available to buy from the likes of iTunes and to stream via Spotify, but free downloads from the DigSin (short for ‘digital single’) website will be supported by display ads on the page. While Frank admits that there won’t be much revenue in the advertising, he’s more interested in getting information about who’s listening to the music than he is earning money from each and every one of them.

In addition to the free downloadable music, DigSin subscribers will receive all releases a day before the songs are released to traditional outlets.

As of writing, two artists have been confirmed to have signed with DigSin: Connie Lim and Bronze Radio Return, and more to come in the near future.

DigSin’s approach of utilizing a freemium model in the music label business is certainly something to keep an eye on. It offers free quality music to the listeners as well as promote amazing artists.

To give DigSin a try, head on over to DigSin’s website!

via VentureBeat, MusicWeek, and The Next Web

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