Amazon Kindle Fire vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Amazon Kindle Fire is crushing other Android tablets, notably the Samsung Galaxy Tab, in market share. Despite the rather disappointing reception during its initial launch, the expected-tablet-star has risen to its expectations in the end.

Flurry Analytics published a report of the market share of Android Tablets from data collected from November 2011 to January 2012 and the results are quite interesting and impressive in favor of the Kindle Fire.

Flurry Amazon vs Samsung Tablet

As you could easily see from the graph, the market share of the Kindle Fire back in November was a mere 3% with the Galaxy Tab in the significant lead at 63%. Kindle Fire evidently made a comeback come January as it hit 36% of the market share as the Galaxy Tab slid down to 36%.

Flurry Analytics’s Peter Farago added,

In January, after the holiday boom in devices and in apps, we see that strong adoption of Kindle Fire, combined with significant downloads driven from the Amazon App Store, resulted in a massive surge in session usage that just edges out the Galaxy Tab.

Amazon Kindle Fire is a wonderful tablet, it really is. I still believe that it’s no competition for the iPad, especially due to the fact that these devices have been built for different reasons under a different concept. The Kindle Fire does a fantastic job at what it’s designed to do and so does the iPad.

One of the factors, I believe, may have acted in favor of the Kindle Fire is that it’s simply an upgraded version of the already-successful Kindle lineup. Its competitive and appealing price point should have pulled in a healthy number of existing Kindle users into the tablet market as well as provide a good entry point for (elderly) folks who want to ‘test the waters’ into the realm of digital ink and the World Wide Web.

Regardless, we tip our hats off to Amazon for releasing a tablet that’s appreciated by many, as shown from the data above, and their efforts look to have paid off seeing the impressive jump of market share.

Keep up the good work, Amazon!

via Flurry

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