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One of the first things we start doing after we jailbreak our iPhones is modifying its looks. I’m relatively content with the ‘AT&T’ carrier text; however now that I’ve temporarily moved to South Korea for the next several months, I’ve been aching to swap out the carrier logo. What used to be a scrolling text of ‘KOR SK TELECOM’ now is an Android icon.

There’s a nifty little app in Cydia called “Zeppelin”, developed by Alex Zielenski and is a MobileSubstrate tweak that’s simple and easy, and above all doesn’t require any additional sources.

Once the Zeppelin is installed on your iPhone, you could simply go into its settings and swap out to whatever icons you want to show on your menu bar. There currently doesn’t seem to be an option to upload custom icons but there’s the old-school SSH method if you really want your personal customized logos on your phone.

To get the Zeppelin app and configure it, follow these simple steps:

1. Open Cydia > Search for ‘Zeppelin’

*** If your package lists for Cydia have not been updated, you may not see Zeppelin at first. Just hang tight and let the packages and sources update (the black bar on top) – you’ll see the Zeppelin once the update is complete.

Zeppelin Cydia Search


2. Install and tap “Restart Springboard” to complete the installation

3. Now go to Settings > Scroll down a bit and look for “Zeppelin”

Zeppelin Cydia Settings

4. Settings should be ‘On’ > Tap on the menu just below (in my case, ‘Android’) to select the icon of choice.

Zeppelin Cydia Enable

5. Select your favorite icon

Zeppelin Cydia Options

6. Tap Zeppelin on top left corner to go back to the initial Zeppelin screen > Tap ‘Apply and Respring’

Zeppelin Cydia Enable

There you have it. This hack works with the iPad and iPod Touch (Zeppelin would ‘add’ a carrier logo to these devices)

Now the one thing that Zeppelin needs is for me to upload a custom logo for my iPhone…but until then, a nice Droid logo would do just fine for me!

What’s your favorite logo?

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