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Update: Apple has been investigating the issue and it looks like they decided to remove the faulty standard updater completely and make the Combo Updater available for download and via Software Update. Check here for more information.

Apple released an update for Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 yesterday that fixed a number of fixes in addition to a new version of Safari, version 5.1.3.

The OS X Lion v10.7.3 Update includes Safari 5.1.3 and fixes that:

  • Add Catalan, Croatian, Greek, Hebrew, Romanian, Slovak, Thai, and Ukrainian language support
  • Address issues when using smart cards to log into OS X
  • Address compatibility issues with Microsoft Windows file sharing
  • Address an issue printing Microsoft Word documents that use markup
  • Address a graphics performance issue after sleep on some earlier iMacs that use ATI graphics
  • Resolve a Wi-Fi connection issue when waking from sleep
  • Address an issue that may prevent Safari from opening before joining a wireless network
  • Fix a potential issue authenticating to an SMB DFS share
  • Include RAW image compatibility for additional digital cameras

While the Update resolved issues for many, it looks like a significant number users are having issues from the Update – crashing apps. Reportedly any apps that the users launch crashes immediately after opening and prompts a weird dialog box that reads “CUI CUI CUI”. According to LifeHacker, Apple is yet to comment on the issue but there are, of course, ways to squash this annoying bug.

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 CUI Error

Most of us update our Mac OS X using the Software Update. It’s fast and easy, and usually runs without a hitch. What veteran Mac users often do, however, is run the Combo updater, manually downloaded directly from Apple. There has been issues in the past with these OS X updates and Combo Updater usually was the best way to go in the past – it looks like it’s all happening over again.

**TIP: I usually hold off on these major/minor OS X updates for a day or two at least. Apple has been great as of late with these Software Updates but every now and then, like today, bugs creep up on users and you’re stuck until someone releases a workaround or a fix for them. Same goes with iOS and Android updates for me.

For those of you that haven’t updated to 10.7.3 yet, you might want to use the Combo Updater ‘just in case’. 


For folks that have updated and experiencing problems, read on.

Macworld reports a relatively easy fix for the bug – run the Combo updater.

The combo updater-the version that could also update older versions of Lion-seems to resolve the issue for afflicted users. The problem, however, is that getting the installer to run can be a bit of an issue, if your Web browser crashes each time you try to download it.

Writes Scrace, “I have since fixed the issue by starting my computer up in FireWire Target mode and connecting it to another MacBook Pro.” To launch target disk mode, hold down the T key when your problematic Mac boots up. Download the Combo Updater from a different, working Mac, and then install it to the troubled Mac over FireWire.

For those that do not have access to another Mac, 9 to 5 Mac also has a fix that involves a bit of work on Terminal.

If all fails, the last resort involves booting into a Lion Recovery partition on a boot volume or USB stick:

– Boot into the Recovery partition by holding down the Option key at startup.
– Choose “Disk Utility” from the Menu bar and mount the combo installer image file
– Choose “Terminal” from the Menu bar and run “installer -pkg /Volumes/Mac OS X 10.7.3 Update Combo/MacOSXUpdCombo10.7.3.pkg -target /Volumes/Macintosh HD” (Change the target to reflect the startup volume’s name.) Be patient, as it can take up to 15 minutes or more to apply the combo update.
– Run “reboot” and you are done.

If you do not have the combo installer at hand, follow these steps after booting into the Recovery partition and before executing Terminal commands:

– Select “Browse for help online” to launch the Safari browser
– Visit and download the 10.7.3 combo update [direct link].

- Quit Safari after the combo installer is successfully downloaded.

– Open Disk Utility from the Menu bar, choose “Open Disk Image” from the File menu and select the combo installer from where you saved it.
– Quit Disk Utility after the volume is mounted and apply the aforementioned Terminal commands.

Image via 9 to 5 Mac

via LifeHacker, Macworld, 9 to 5 Mac

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