Jailbreaking opens up a whole new dimension of coolness on the iPhone, albeit I must admit that it’s not exactly for the faint of heart.

Currently, the stock Siri lacks a number of features such as opening apps, adjusting various settings such as brightness on the iPhone, and more. I admit I was disappointed at first, until I jailbroke my iPhone and found a couple apps that extends the current Siri’s capabilities: AssistantExtensions and MyAssistant.

One thing to note is, running both apps will override one another so although the functions should all work fine, Siri acts a bit wonky so I would suggest that you choose one of the two options.


AssistantExtensions [Free]

AssistantExtensions Cydia

My current favorite even after paying $0.99 for MyAssistant. AssistantExtensions works out-of-the-box and doesn’t require any settings. The tweak works off from MobileSubstrate and does just about anything you’ve ever wanted Siri to do.

  • System commands: set brightness to X%, open apps, toggle Wi-Fi, toggle Bluetooth, restart phone, tweet, show tweet, and more.
  • Magic 8-Ball: Start a question with a “Should I…” and Siri will give you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, just like your favorite Magic 8-ball.
  • Chat Bot: Simply say “Let’s Chat” and wait for Siri’s ‘brains’ to load. Chat away with whatever you feel like talking to Siri about and end the chat simply by saying “Good bye”

The developer, @kexik is working with other developers to push updates to the AssistantExtensions. The simplicity and sheer effectiveness of the tweak makes AssistantExtensions my favorite Siri extension so far.

AssistantExtensions Settings

AssistantExtensions Lets ChatAssistantExtensions Toggle Brightness


MyAssistant [$0.99]

MyAssistant Cydia

MyAssistant adds a slew of new features, possibly more than what AssistantExtensions offers. One feature that distinguishes MyAssistant from AssistantExtensions is customization. With MyAssistant, you could add custom commands to toggle Wi-Fi, for example, along with the ability to add customized Q&A for Siri to comprehend.

MyAssistant also allows you to tap into Activator commands with Siri, all with customizable commands. In addition, the tweak allows you to change the background picture for Siri.

The versatility of the tweak makes MyAssistant ever-appealing, especially for those who wants to customize the commands that Siri could understand. The developers surely put a lot of thought into making the list of commands more flexible, customizable, and comprehensive.

MyAssistant SettingsMyAssistant Activator



Siri AssistantExtensions MyAssistant

Both tweaks bring a whole new dimension to what Apple’s stock Siri was meant to bring, and the execution of these tweaks is nothing less than impressive. The two tweaks serve the same function under different umbrellas – one serves most if not all features out-of-the-box while the other allows the user to customize virtually anything that Siri could say.

If you’d simply like to get a feel for what these extensions could bring to your iPhone-Life, I’d suggest you get AssistantExtensions immediately. The tweak is free and you could donate the developer, @kexik, anytime via the app for $5. MyAssistant is $0.99 but really, the tweak is worth the price.

Try them out. I’ve opted for the simplicity of AssistantExtensions after having purchased MyAssistant. What are your thoughts? Which tweak do you like better?

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