FoldMe Interactive Display Prototype

LCD and LED used to be the ‘next big thing’ in displays, notably in the mobile world. We’ve seen concepts of flexible LCD displays by Samsung and some even propose that we would be seeing these flexible displays as early as this year, with the Samsung Galaxy S3.


Samsung Galaxy S3?

All things LCD aside, FoldMe is a new concept proposed by researcher Juergen Steimle that allows for interactive foldable displays. FoldMe is a projection-based display concept that utilizes 6 overhead infrared (IR) cameras and 2 high-definition (HD) projectors that are capable of monitoring the user’s head, to project the image onto a white foldable surface display panel.

The setup recognizes the various angles and positions of the hand-held foldable display slate and projects images accordingly and allows for interactions with the projected images by means of folding the display and fingers.

While the concept does feel a bit outdated considering its use of projections and IR cameras, if the concept could utilize native OLED panels as opposed to projected images, it surely would introduce some groundbreaking changes to the world of technology.

Samsung did release a conceptual TV ad several weeks back portraying what could very well be the future of technology in the coming years; however it looks like Steimle took the concept into a  living prototype that surely would spark imaginations.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 (?) Image Credit: Software2Tech

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