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Back in January we reported of a rumor that the Samsung Galaxy Note would be released on AT&T in the coming months. Shortly after, during CES, AT&T officially announced the launch of the latest ‘ph-ablet’ in the coming months.

 It looks like the day has come and we finally have a set launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T. Mark your calendars, the Galaxy Note will launch in-store on February 19th for $299 with a 2-year contract. If you’re one of those types that can’t wait, (like myself who ended up buying an unlocked Galaxy Note from Amazon), Best Buy is taking pre-orders for delivery by February 17th, whopping two days before it’s available in-store on the 19th. In addition to the faster delivery date, Best Buy will also add a Galaxy Note Flip Cover if you activate the phone in-store or online!

The Galaxy Note will be available in two colors: Carbon Blue and Ceramic White.

Here are some of the specs for those interested:

5.3-inch touch screen

dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S3 processor


S-Pen by Samsung

4G LTE capability

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Image Credit: Engadget

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