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Choosing a cellphone carrier can be tricky. If you’re anything like me, you always wonder if another carrier would provide better coverage in your area. It’s a hassle to switch carriers and being that the service coverage quality often varies with time and the specific environment, it’s hard to gauge which carrier would be best for you.

Carrier Coverage app on Android was developed to help you decide which carrier is best for you, once and for all, from data collected from other users in the region.

Worried about your information funneling into the Web? No worries. The developers, Neverstill Media, LLC, promises that the information will not bring back the horrors of Carrier IQ.

Unlike Carrier IQ that collected data from users privately and without any control of what information is transmitted, Carrier Coverage gives users complete control over what is transmitted and even how frequently they are transmitted.

Carrier Coverage collects real data from real users to create an unbiased set of carrier information by geographic location, carrier and device. The data is funneled through and analyzed by Carrier Coverage to provide information on the quality of the network in the specific area inquired. Being that the concept works only with user-submitted data and a massive one at that, Carrier Coverage would need to gain a massive number of users to start submitting data for all to receive reliable analysis of the cellular network coverage.

Carrier Coverage Preview

Ew. Another Battery-hogging app…I’m going to pass…<<WAIT>>

You’re not alone…I thought the same thing myself. Carrier Coverage, however, assures that battery would not be an issue – they’ve apparently kept the battery factor in mind while developing the app, and if at all, Carrier Coverage allows you to set the frequency and the amount of data to be transmitted to their servers.

Granted that the Carrier Coverage continuously grows its user-base, we should expect to see various analysis done with the user-reported data. The team is planning on bringing additional features such as reporting breakdowns of 2G, 3G, and 4G speeds, data speeds, heat maps, and international support.

Carrier Coverage is currently supported only in North America but the devs expect to expand for international support in the near future.

If you’re interested in trying out Carrier Coverage, check out the video below and the link to the Android Market to download.

Android Market

Android Market – Carrier Coverage

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