Mac OS X 10.7.3 WiFi Woes

Update 2/7/12 While we still don’t have a concrete/official fix for the problem, Hydnjo over at the AppleCare Support Forums suggested a workaround that seems to have been working for many.

Or wake from sleep by tapping the power button. That’s what I do and WFi connects every time.

If you have a laptop, you could manually put your computer to sleep by going to the Apple menu (top left) > Sleep > Wake from sleep using Power Button

For more, check the original thread:

Update 2/8/12 Our reader 24z, who is the Editor-in-Chief of The Next Web Germany among many others, shared a more concrete solution to our annoying Wi-Fi bug in comments. 24z had the same issue with the Wi-Fi and as close as he’s got to reinstalling Lion, he found a solution that resolved the issue altogether. It does require a bit of code-editing, and although 24z tries to make the process as easy as possible, try the method only if you feel confident enough to go forward with the fix.

Here’s the article by 24z :

Mac OS X 10.7.3 Update looks to have brought more headaches than resolutions for both Apple and users. First they were the annoying CUI bug and apps that constantly crash upon launching. Now it looks like a number of users are experiencing No Wi-Fi connectivity after waking up from sleep.

What’s ironic is, the 10.7.3 Update Notes say that the update “(resolves) a Wi-Fi connection issue when waking from sleep“.

Our reader, Jabbott asked in comments on our previous post:

I didn’t have a WiFi connection issue when waking from sleeping until I updated today with 10.7.3. Is there a resolution?

A number of workaround fixes have been proposed across a number of threads on forums but nothing seems to be the ‘go-to’ solution. Some have suggested applying the 10.7.3 Combo Update again and while some have had success with this method, it did not resolve the issue for many.

RainyWeather on the AppleCare Support Forums have been in touch with an AppleCare Senior Advisor regarding the Wi-Fi connectivity issue and while Apple is now well aware of the problem and have begun investigating the issue, there doesn’t seem to be a concrete ‘fix’ for the issue. The Advisor suggested that people do not let the computer sleep – just until they can get this problem fixed.

As far as the “no connection after sleep problem,” she said they are now well aware of the problem and working hard on it, but as a temporary fix they’re just asking people to not let the computer sleep – just until they get this fixed.  She had me go to system preferences (click on the apple icon in the upper left corner and select “system preferences” from the drop down menu), then select “energy saver” (click on the picture of a lightbulb in the “hardware” row).  Then make sure that “put the hard disk to sleep when possible” is NOT checked.  Next, on that same page go to the top sliding scale (the one labeled “Computer sleep”) and slide the pointer all the way over to “Never.”  Then leave it like that – JUST TEMPORARILY, until they get this fixed.  It’s fine for the display to go to sleep, just not the hard disk.

Once Apple gets this fixed, you’ll probably want to go back and check “put the hard disk to sleep when possible” and move the pointer to whatever is a reasonable amount of time for you.

Here are a few suggestions that the forums have been suggesting so far, however without any real concrete universal success among users.

  • Apply 10.7.3 Combo Updater (again)
  • Reboot modem, Reboot Time Capsule /router, Shut down all computers, Try again
  • Use 802.11g instead of 802.11n band

Also a few threads that are updated constantly.

If you find a solution, please share with us via comments, and best of luck!


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