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The Apple iPhone really turned out digital world upside down – it’s redefined how we browse the web, social networking, information on-the-move, and much more.

One of the most significant milestones that iPhone achieved is photography. Its convenience to act as an all-in-one device that people carry around with them everywhere, it’s no surprise that the iPhone found itself on the top spot on Flickr’s most popular camera list.

Flickr Camera Ranking

Here, I’d like to introduce to you, Camera+ by Tap Tap Tap, an app that I love dearly and frequently recommend to my family and friends.

At just $1.99, Camera+ will make your ‘iPhonography’ experience a ‘wonder’.

Camera+   - tap tap tap

Taking Pictures is simple, fast and produces impressive results

Camera Plus Taking PictureCamera+ offers a number of options for taking photos on your iPhone:

  • Touch Exposure & Focus
  • Shooting Modes – Stabilizer, Burst, Timer
  • Photo Flashlight – Auto, Continuously ON, Continuously OFF
  • Grid
  • Digital Zoom

While many of its features are now provided with the stock camera app, Camera+ is still my preferred choice especially due to the fact that Camera+ processes photos so much quicker than the stock app. In other words, I could take multiple shots with Camera+ in the timespan of how long it would take me to take a single shot on the stock app.


Post-Processing pictures, even stronger suit with Camera+

Camera+ offers a number of post-processing options:

  • Scenes – provide enhancement options
  • Adjust photos – Flip the photo left, right, sideways, upside down
  • Crop – Various dimensions to work with
  • FX Effects – Impressive Instagram-like filters to apply to the photos
  • Borders – My favorite feature on Camera+. It offers great looking borders
One of the Enhancement features worth noting on the Camera+ is the Clarity option.


Camera Plus Clarity filter

With a single tap, Clarity enhancement feature transforms what used to be a dull picture into a vibrant edited picture.

Camera+ has been in the headlines recently for being one of the most successful app in the App Store to date. Apparently Tap Tap Tap has raked in $5.1 million since its debut in June 2010 and still going strong. There must be a reason for the app to be this successful, right? Well even if we didn’t know the sales figures, Camera+ is a solid camera app that I recommend everyone with an iPhone to purchase.

The app does much more than the $1.99 price tag and I’m sure you won’t be looking for the stock Camera app once you take a bite out from Camera+.

Camera+   - tap tap tap
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