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Update 2/9/2012 Looks like Path was quick on this one. Dave Morin, CEO of Path, issued a formal apology and an update that allows for users to opt-in to transmit the address book information, which should’ve been done from the start. Apple does need to close this security hole – I can’t imagine how many apps are currently transmitting my data over to one of their servers. Is this Carrier IQ 2.0?

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Path app is a nifty social networking app that allows you to keep journal-type entries of your life’s ‘path’ and share with the ones you love. I actually just started experimenting the free app and it certainly has a different taste to it compared to the more popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and more…and I really think you should try the service out – however after reading this.


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Path app currently apparently uploads all of your address book information straight to their servers.

A developer named Arun Thampi discovered this ‘feature’ by accident as he was poking through the app’s codes to develop a Mac OS X version of the service. Dave Morin, the CEO of Path, replied in regards to the finding and explained that the function only exists to help match people better.

All good intensions aside, any app should let its users know where and what information we’re transmitting. There should also be an option to opt out of transmitting select information. While I understand Path’s intent to better serve its users and its privacy policy to keep the address book entries confidential, it’s still slightly unsettling for me that Path has been reading my address book entries all this time.

Path, fortunately, has been very receptive of this request and Morin, in his response to Arun’s inquiry noted that an opt-in option has been made available on the Android version of the app and the same has been submitted to Apple pending approval.

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