Looking for an RSS app for your iPhone and/or iPad?

After a long search for my favorite RSS app myself, I settled with Feeddler (Pro) and have been satisfied since.

Feeddler is Free and also comes with a Pro version that adds a number of features for $4.99.

Feeddler (Free)                    Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad and iPhone - C.B. Liu

Feeddler Pro ($4.99)         Feeddler RSS Reader Pro - C.B. Liu

If you’ve been looking, you probably stumbled across some major RSS apps such as the MobileRSS, Reeder, NetNewsWire, and more. I’ve tried them all myself and while these are all great apps (except for MobileRSS – I just have personal gripes against NibiruTech for their horrible customer service and lack-thereof of any updates) I stuck with Feeddler and have been happy as ever.

The UI is simple and without bugs, and allows the user to sync seamlessly with their Google Reader accounts. I have quite an extensive list of sources, but Feeddler managed to fetch all the articles quickly and easily.

It also provides a handsome way to share the RSS articles – I often share articles via e-mail and unlike many other RSS readers that only provide links in the body of the e-mail, Feeddler adds the entire article (all formatting included) into the body.

Navigating through the articles is simple as well – just casually swipe your finger left or right, and you’ll see the next or previous article on the feed.

Feeddler is a Free app, so there’s absolutely no harm in giving it a spin. If you’re as satisfied as myself, I’m sure you would be even happier with the Pro version – $4.99 isn’t the cheapest of the apps out on the market, but it certainly is a few of the apps that I feel is worth the price.

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