iPad 3 Pixels comparison

The ‘next big thing‘ planned with the next generation iPad, the Apple “iPad 3“, is the ‘Retina Display‘ that sports an impressive 2048×1536 resolution within a 9.7-inch iPad display frame.

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My current iPad has the 1024×768 display and I only guessed how great the display on the iPad 3 would look, until now. Clkoener (via OSXDaily) put together this neat comparison graphic to show us the relative number of pixels on various devices, including the iPad 3.

As you could see from the graphic, the rumored ‘Retina Display’ of the iPad 3 will sport a higher resolution than a 1080p Full HD screen packed into a 9.7-inch display – sweetness indeed. As Clkoener notes, “That’s a lot of pixels. You could watch a full resolution HD movie and still have some space for content. On a 9.7 inch screen!” – and I truly agree…can’t wait!

via Macrumors via OSXDaily via Clkoener

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