Snapseed App Free Promo

Update 2/16/2012 Looks like the deal is dead/expired now and the price is back up to $4.99. Snapseed, however, is worth the $4.99 price tag! Save a cup of coffee for today for this app, you know you want to! (Thanks Janice for the update!)

Here’s a quick heads up for folks who have been eying on the Snapseed app for iPhone and iPad but have been hesitant about spending the $4.99 price.

It’s now up for FREE on the App Store. Head on over and grab one for FREE while you can!

Snapseed - Nik Software, Inc.

Not sure about Snapseed? In short, Snapseed is the best photo editing app that I’ve used on my iPhone and iPad. It’s simple to use and packs a whole lot of functions to produce amazing photos! Head over to our previous post for more information and a great review video of the Snapseed app!

Enjoy! :)

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