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Getting Siri to work on other devices such as the iPad, iPhone 4 and 3GS, and iPod Touch has been one of the hottest topics since the iPhone 4S launch back in October. Since then there has been rumors of Apple to release an upgrade patch to enable Siri on all devices however recent findings claim that Siri may be restricted to the iPhone 4S after all due to its unique noise-cancelling circuitry in the A5 processor.

Despite the supposed hardware incompatibilities, jailbreak users with other devices have been enjoying Siri using the Cydia tweak, Spire, and routing Siri through a proxy server. There was, however, a huge learning curve on how to get the proxy server running, especially to attain the authentication data from a real iPhone 4S.

If setting up a proxy server was the primary reason that you’ve been holding back on using Siri on your non-iPhone 4S devices, a brand new tweak appeared on Cydia today: AssistantConnect4S.

In short, AssistantConnect4S allows iPhone 4S users to send the authentication token to non-iPhone 4S phones simply via e-mail.

Once the authentication token is applied on the non-iPhone 4S, you should be able to use Siri freely and without a proxy server. This procedure, however, comes with a warning by the developers – you should limit the ‘cloning’ of the authentication tokens to 5 devices, probably to avoid raising a flag on Apple’s servers.

Spire users have been experiencing difficultieswith Siri recently as Apple supposedly have started purging usage of Siri with proxy servers. Although a ‘fix’ was provided by the Cydia developers almost as soon as the outages started, it does seem like Apple may be gearing up to harden its security against unofficial usage of Siri.

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If you want to try AssistantConnect4S, it’s available right now for free over at the BigBoss repo. Note, when you first use the tweak, you’ll need to open AssistantConnect4S and reboot your iPhone 4S. Once rebooted, open up AssistantConnect4S and activate Siri.

If you wish to share authentication data from an older device, simply download AssistantConnect instead – also available over at the BigBoss repo.-Redmond Pie

You’d obviously need to have your devices jailbroken to install this tweak. To get a step-by-step guide on how to jailbreak your iPhone 4S / iPad 2, head over to this nice guide by Redmond Pie.

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