iPhone thrives over digital cameras

How many of you folks own a digital camera? Okay, probably a good number of you. Let’s try that again, how many of you take your digital cameras around with you all the time to snap photos of your daily events.

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Smartphones have become an all-in-one digital device – it could work as a personal computing device, diary, MP3 player, video player, and much more…and yes, they all come with a great camera. Even famed photographer Annie Leibovitz recently, in an interview with MSNBC anchor Brian Williams, expounded the use of the iPhone as the “snapshot camera of today”.

The iPhone 4S currently equips an impressive 8 mega-pixel camera and a Sony image sensor chip to produce some amazing photos.  Not only can the iPhone take pictures, it also can take high-resolution videos as well – Full HD 1080p resolution!

The wide accessibility of these smartphones, its portability and access to the Internet has made it the perfect device for photojournalism – or should we say social photojournalism. There’s no denying in that the social media combined with photo snapshots taken with smartphones largely contributed to the protests in Egypt last year, for example.

iPhone iPhone iPhone

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Diana of Frugal Dad forwarded us an Infographic that portrays an in-depth analysis of the impact of the iPhone on digital photography and what it may mean for the future of ‘real’ digital cameras. Take a look!

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