Demolition Man, driverless car

I admit…the driverless autonomous car in Demolition Man back in 1993 was pretty cool. Well, I suppose the Audi RSQ in I, Robot is a better representation of what we might be looking at in the future.

I, Robot Audi RSQ

Audi RSQ from I, Robot (2004)

Anyway, back to the real world, it looks like we might start seeing and driving one of these autonomous cars ourselves in the coming years. We’ve all seen a number of documentaries on TV about driverless cars, but it all seemed years away from public distribution.

Whether we’ve noticed them or not, we’re already partially living the digitally-dependent driving era where many cars now come equipped with GPS systems, lane-departure warning systems, adaptive cruise control, and of course, cars that can park themselves.

Peering into the future, driverless cars do not look bad too bad really. Imagine sitting down and relaxing while going to and from work, no driving required! That said, petrol-heads (or wannabe petrol-heads like myself) probably won’t welcome the idea because…well, we like to drive and have complete control over our vehicles…

Check out the neat Infographic by When will we start seeing driverless car ads on TV?

Driverless "Autonomous" Car Infographic

via Mashable via DanielRosen

Image Credit: Fark, Discovery Brand

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