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Is it a Phone? A Tablet? The latest hot smartphone in the market is…well not the smartphone that you’ve been used to. It has a massive 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED display to start with, is on AT&T’s 4G LTE network and has a stick out of it’s rear fancy stylus (“S-Pen”) as well.

iPhone 4S Meets Samsung Galaxy NoteThe Samsung Galaxy Note is no iPhone and while navigating through the phone with one hand is near impossible due to its size, the Note certainly has its appeal. For one, I use the S-Pen to quickly jot down notes (double tap on screen with the S-button pressed) for one, watching movies is certainly much better on the bigger screen and finally browsing the web on the Note feels much better than on my iPhone.

Despite my enjoyment with the user experience with the Note, I do need to point out its awkward position in the market in terms of portability. I usually keep my phone, along with my keys and more in my pocket and…while iPhone gives me ample space in my pocket, Galaxy Note gives me almost no space at all not to mention the feeling of having a flat piece of something that fills up the entire pocket.

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The Galaxy Note isn’t heavy and it’s very slick, but I personally wouldn’t recommend it to a male friend, primarily due to its rather enormous size. For ladies, however, I think your chances of carrying your Galaxy Note on a tote is much higher than guys and as long as the portability aspect is resolved, I think it would make a brilliant phabulet to use on a daily basis.

With the same question in mind about the Galaxy Note, Mashable took a stroll around New York to see what the New Yorkers thought about the Galaxy Note. I personally liked what the gentleman at the very end had to say about the Galaxy Note:


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