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Our smartphones, particularly the Apple iPhone has become so integrated with our lives that it holds a pretty significant amount of private information – if it were to fall into the wrong hands…….well this is why we put passcodes onto our iPhones.

Passcodes are designed to keep unauthorized access away from your iPhone, but only if it succeeds in locking everything up.

It looks like our iPhones are in danger once again – another method to bypass the passcode and provide access to the entire phone app (addressbook, recent history, etc) has been discovered by Safwan Saba.

In regards to the recent security breach, Saba writes this on the official YouTube video:

security flaw discoverd in iOS 5.0.1 that allows you to have full access for address book , makes phone call , change favorite. works with all iphones to solve this Disable phone Notification in lock screen :)

To bypass the passcode, you must open a missed call notification when the network is Searching. This situation could be achieved by either being in a low-signal area, re-inserting your SIM card to force the iPhone to Search for a new network, and finally the “death grip” should replicate the low-signal (or lack thereof) environment needed to breach through the passcode.

A number of ways to bypass the iOS passcode have been discovered with a number of iOS version, and while all of them have been patched so far, I presume that Apple will be looking into adding a fix to this exploit in iOS 5.1, unless we have an emergency patch for the iOS 5.0.1.

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