iPhone iOS 5.1 Rich Text on Notes

There seems to be a lot (too much?) rumors flying about recently and no official announcement from anywhere…what’s going on? :)

Anyway, here’s another Rumor for you to chew on – iOS 5.1 will support Rich Text Formatting on Notes, for the first time, according to iPhoneHellas, a Greek Apple blog.

Notes app on iOS 5.1 will reportedly finally bring bulleted lists, links, underlined text, new fonts, and font colors, as you could see from the screenshot attached.

Rich Text formatting on the Notes app should have been included long time ago, and it’s great to see that Apple’s finally bringing it with iOS 5.1.

Oh and iOS 5.1 update is expected to go public during the unveiling of the iPad 3 in the first week of March. :)

via Cult of Mac via iPhoneHellas

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